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So, I have a paid account on Dreamwidth now. This gives me 100 icon spaces.

I really like this icon. I remember liking it lots the first time I saw it. I even saved it under a proper name so I could easily find it again, rather than leaving whatever string of numbers came up when I went to save it. Unfortunately, I was not farsighted enough to, you know, attach credit to it. I have no idea who made this, and I hate not giving credit. I've had a poke around, but no luck finding it. I have a vague recollection of seeing it on my flist, so I hoped someone could tell me who to attribute it to. Anyone, please?
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I return from a LJ break of several months and discover stuff has happened. So I thought I'd properly set up this account and start crossposting. So, this is mostly a test to see if it works.

If you advertised your Dreamwidth account in the last week or so, I've probably picked it up, but is there anyone else? Drop a comment here. Also, I'm on Tumblr as [ profile] agapi42.

Can anyone can point me towards Dreamwidth communities relevant to my interests?
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What's up with Google? Apparently the entire Internet has now been declared unsafe by them.

See? )

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