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On the subject of fic, Angela and I spent most of the day discussing a Leverage 16th century AU. See, in our Literary London module, we've started studying the criminal underworld of the late 1500s/early 1600s through contemporary pamphlets such as 'The Second Part of Coney-Catching' and 'The Defence of Coney-Catching'. They're amazing. They both relate lots of fascinating little tales.

'The Second Part''s stories are all about crimes these thieves, vagabonds, coney-catchers have carried out. My favourite was the one where this 'hooker' is trying to hook things out of this room through an open window and getting really frustrated because, unbeknownst to him, the porter is standing in the room, simply lifting anything that gets caught off the hook.

'The Defence' was amusing generally. It was purportedly written by a coney-catcher who was really annoyed that R.G was publishing pamphlets like 'The Second Part' (and the first part, and more besides) and telling all their secrets because everyone he tried to con just went 'I've read the book! You can't fool me.' It related tales of legally fine, morally rotten ripping off, complaining that their acts were much greater than anything he or his ilk did. Ready made 16th century Leverage plots!

We decided that Nate would probably be a 'upright-man' (previously a servant, skilled), Sophie a 'bawdy-basket' (comes to a house with stuff to sell and nicks other stuff), Eliot a 'ruffler' (a returned soldier too proud to beg) and Parker a Dell (young woman...curse non-specific definitions), so skilled in the Blacke Art (lockpicking) that she always plays the part of the Charme (lockpicker).

Hardison gave us some trouble. Four hours after the Literary London seminar ended, and two minutes after I had seen her last, Angela rushed out of her class to tell me (still waiting to go in to my lecture) that he could be a forger. It was okay, because the teacher wasn't there yet ;).

Last week, it was the Leverage team attempt to steal from Brax's collection. This week, 16th century AU. We do enjoy the module and pay attention during the seminar, honest.
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For dinner, Angela and I made something we called shepherd's pie, but was actually cottage pie/whatever you call it with pork mince (due to Sainsbury's Basics frozen mince being a mixture of beef and pork) and it was good!

We didn't exactly follow a recipe, because they all appeared overly complicated and asked for what seemed like unnecessary ingredients, like dripping and red wine and eggs. We put onions and carrots and kidney beans in it, and flavoured it with beef stock and thyme and Worcestershire sauce. Quite complicated and advanced cooking for us!

It turns out baking potatoes are just fine being boiled and mashed and Angela did not object to putting cheese on the top, as she doesn't mind it when it's a little. After all, she eats pizza. It didn't have a chance to get very browned on top, though, because we got impatient!

Sarah was going to help us with the cooking, but she decided she was close to a breakthrough in her work, although she later felt like giving up.

And our peas were of two different colours, due to my frozen peas being of a much brighter green than Angela's tinned peas, which were closer to khaki. They created an interesting pattern.

I am proud of our achievement. :)
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Today, I thought there should be a website like, but for all the good moments, with entries such as:

Today, I discovered that, while Maltesers float on a thick milkshake, Minstrels sink. LML.

Today, my housemate was rather premature in straining the water from the boiled potatoes. They were far too hard to mash, a fact we only discovered after adding the milk and marge. We then proceeded to boil them in milk and produced something entirely and surprisingly edible, which we called hashed potatoes. LML.

I really do love my life at the moment. Things are fun, if surprisingly busy. I only discovered that I got recced at [ profile] calufrax from a review that mentioned it so thank you for the rec, [ profile] livii! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] hhertzof!
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It's snowing again. Much heavier than it was yesterday.

It's beautiful. Feathery and large and light. And it tastes wonderful.

And I'm dripping snowmelt all over the table and that's cold down the back of my neck!

02:34 am: Dan and I just went for a walk, just around the block. So, so lovely. So quiet. The crunching of the powdery snow under my feet almost feels like I'm destroying something, but I do love to walk in new snow. We looked back at our footprints: his were straight, one in front of the other but mine wandered all over the place with my feet pointing in different directions to each other.

You could see the shadows of the falling snow in the light from the street lamps on the snow laying at least an inch thick on the ground. There was quiet and beauty and everything looked almost otherworldly with all the imperfections covered. It really was one of those moments, a lot of moments, to just...inhale, if that's the word I'm looking for.

I think in words, in pictures with captions. I translate to myself, from experience to description. But I was quiet and...there was just the feeling; the delight, the wonder, that just existed, on its own, without connotations, and could not be, still cannot be, adequately described.

We went on the roundabout, because I've always wanted to walk on a roundabout; it's just one of those places that everyone passes and no-one stops at. I tipped my head back and looked up at the sky and the flakes were getting fatter again, whispering as they landed on my shoulders, and there were more and more coming, endless, appearing from nowhere and falling from a grey-orange sky.

I did the same as we reached home again. And just like on the roundabout, I felt I might fall backwards, because there was no ground, no balance, just the dizzying eternity of snowflakes in the sky.

It's inconceivable to think that those snowflakes are all different. My mind simply cannot visualise it; it's like large numbers, just a fact, words that cannot truly be understood. A whole new level of beauty that was quite invisible, but what we could see was quite quite enough. (I think they do all taste different though.)

Enough were falling that, when we walked back along our road, our footprints heading the other way were merely shadows.
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I have written more in the past few days than in several months before that. [ profile] fandom_stocking is wonderful, even without a stocking of my own, in that I get that and the pleasure of giving and lovely comments on the fic I managed to finish and post, even from those that it wasn't written for. LOVE YOU ALL.

The recent mod announcement on [ profile] sarahjane_fic has also made me rather squeeful. Finally, I can go back and read the posts without fear of seeing that icon! :D

Jodi: 'You're so high on life. You're always so happy.' This is probably true; I think I'm very lucky. Certainly the way I'm feeling now; I am currently bouncing along happily to Queen.

:D :D :D Anjilah thought me bouncing about all over the place earlier was a symptom of not sleeping properly; Jen assured her that was indeed my normal reaction to receiving wonderful comments.

:D Almost all the house is here, 'Flash' by Queen has just come up, The Romans is hopefully in my near viewing and endorphins like whoa.

And no, I do not think I am high on sugar. The last thing I had to eat was at midday, nearly eight hours ago, even if it was melty warm chocolate cake with chocolate fudge ice cream. (Jodi and I were watching the first two episodes of Merlin).

*jazz hands* And possibly this is the most unconditionally happy post I've ever made. I wish I could capture this feeling and come back to it, give it out to all my friends when they were sad.

And I'm sorry, no 11 wank or LJ woes are allowed to puncture happy babble/bubble yet.
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