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Title: Cold Comfort for Change (The Divergence Remix)
Characters/Pairings: Three/Delgado!Master, Two, Narvin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2690
Summary: The story changes; the game remains the same.
Notes: Remix of Cold Comfort for Change by [ profile] birdsarecalling, written for Remix Redux 9. Many thanks to [ profile] janeturenne and [ profile] livii for the extremely helpful betas!

Cold Comfort for Change (The Divergence Remix) )
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The Evil Overlord List

So, how many of these has the Master ignored over the years?

Certainly number 34.

Also no 35 but I like to think that those goatee-wearing days were the old days.
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Excuse me, but WTF was that supposed to be??? )

In my opinion, this is probably the worst episode out of three years worth of New Who.

Two great/good episodes culminating in this. What a disappointment.
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(Doctor Who) Which Master are you?

You are the Johnathan Pryce Master! Okay, so Curse of Fatal Death is technically a parody, but who cares? You have the looks of Delgado, the camp charm of Ainley, and the absolutly fabulous drezz sense of Roberts. How can you lose! And in the end, you get the girl. ;)
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I love the Curse of Fatal Death. There needs to be more Lumley!Doctor/Pryce!Master fic!

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