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Title: The Open Door
Author: [ profile] agapi42
For: [ profile] catyuy
Rating: PG
Pairings: Ten/Rose
Characters: Martha, Rose, Tenth Doctor.
Summary: Her actions are measured and careful, like someone moving through a dream world.
Disclaimer: The BBC owns Doctor Who. I do not. This is probably a good thing.

Thanks go to [ profile] eyliena for betaing and to [ profile] lilypeters for help with the title.

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A random thought that just came to me while watching Greeks Bearing Gifts: isn’t Torchwood Jack a bit like the Doctor?

They both have mysterious pasts that their companions don’t know about.
For example, the Time War dominates the Doctor’s recent-ish history, whereas with Jack, it’s being brought back to life by Bad Wolf.

They’re both alone, and set apart from everyone else by something unique to them.
With the Doctor it’s the whole thing about being the Last Time Lord: he will outlive everyone and no one can really understand him.
With Jack, it’s almost the same thing: he can’t die so can he really be said to be human? Instead of losing his race, he’s lost his identity as a member of that race.

These things that differentiate them also define their characters.
The Doctor, post Time War, is a much darker character than any pre Time War Doctor had the capacity to be. He still has his lighter side, but you can be reminded at any time that this is a man who has seen his entire race die, most probably at his own hand.
Torchwood Jack is a very different man to flirty con man Jack. The Jack who travelled with the Doctor still had a dark past, (Time Agency, memories stolen etc.) but he was a much lighter character on the surface. With Torchwood Jack, the darkness is always much closer to the surface.

In Torchwood, the Torchwood team play the role of companions. And I think Jack loves them in the same way the Doctor loves his companions. He loves them all, but not really in the sense we understand the word. His relationship with Ianto could be seen to parallel the Doctor’s relationship with Rose. There’s no doubt that he cares deeply for him, but he does have more important concerns.

I think the Tenth Doctor and Jack dynamic could be very interesting: it could be seen as mirroring the Ninth Doctor and Jack. With the Ninth Doctor and Jack, the Ninth Doctor is the man with the darker personality, who has not yet healed and Jack has a dark past, but has a lighter personality whereas with the Tenth Doctor and Jack, these positions may be reversed.

So, anyway, this might not make much sense but that’s what I thought.
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This entry is just to showcase some pieces of the more ridiculous Rose-love.

The Wedding Crasher, by Annie Coomes on
Summary: After Doomsday, what if that woman in the Tardis in a wedding dress was actually Rose? What if she was about to get married? How could the Doctor cope? One Shot.
Answer: He can't. After she disappears again, he throws himself and the Tardis into the supernova because he knows that he can never move on, never love another.
I can't find the words to say how ridiculous that is.
Don't get me wrong. I am not a Rose-hater. I like Rose. I ship TenRose. But not obsessively. Yes, he loved her, but that doesn't make her special. She is not the one true love of his lives.
The same author wrote another oneshot of the same idea, except this time I think he was throwing himself off something, into 'the darkness'.

Another piece on, Eleventh Time Lucky by Rose Tyler.
Summary: DoctorRose. Tells you what happened after Doomsday. Six months after, to be exact. The Doctor and Rose get reunited! Yay! Martha is in this, but just so I can push her around, and to show how much the Doctor loves Rose.
*le sigh* I hope there isn’t going to be much of this. Martha is never going to be Rose, she’s going to be different, not necessarily worse.

Okay, that's me finished...for now.

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