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2012-04-21 02:19 am

And Everything to Lose, PG-13, 3163 words

Title: And Everything to Lose
Characters/Pairings: alt!Romana/alt!Narvin
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3163
Summary: "As your husband, I would have nothing to gain from your death and everything to lose."
Notes: Set in the AU of Gallifrey 4.4: Forever. Many thanks to [ profile] janeturenne for the ever-so-helpful beta, the title and the original inspiration.

And Everything to Lose )
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2012-02-10 09:45 am

Impracticalities (Dinner and Dancing), G, 1000 words

Title: Impracticalities (Dinner and Dancing)
Characters/Pairings: Romana/Narvin
Rating: G
Word Count: 1000
Summary: Narvin thinks the world is back to normal. Romana disagrees. In which there is no dinner and little dancing, depending on your definition, but they do get talked about.
Notes: Sequel to Practicalities. Similarly written for [ profile] janeturenne. Originally inspired by the Kira/Odo scene at the end of the Star Trek DS9 episode His Way (yes, that one) and borrows a couple of lines.

Impracticalities (Dinner and Dancing) )
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2011-05-11 10:25 am

Smile (The Contrast Remix), G, 746 words

Title: Smile (The Contrast Remix)
Characters/Pairings: Romana/Narvin, implied Four/Romana
Rating: G
Word Count: 746
Summary: Narvin knows Romana to scowl, frown and glare. He doesn't allow himself to remember her smile.
Notes: Remix of 39. Smile and 34. Lightning/Thunder from One-Sentence Stories by [ profile] janeturenne, written for Remix Madness.

Smile (The Contrast Remix) )
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2011-03-07 11:48 pm

Practicalities, PG, 561 words

Title: Practicalities
Characters/Pairings: Romana/Narvin
Rating: PG
Word Count: 561
Summary: Romana hates waiting. Narvin is practical.
Notes: Set shortly after Gallifrey 3.5: Panacea. Commentfic written for [ profile] janeturenne in appreciation of her eloquent Romana/Narvin manifesto.

Practicalities )
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2011-02-17 03:07 am

Is it March yet?

So, I listened to Big Finish's Gallifrey IV podcast..

It is adorable and awesome and makes me slightly hopeful that it will not ruin everything (in any way other than The-Only-Way-Gallifrey-Can-Go-Is-Down previously established). I am so excited for some of the casting. However, I admit I fixated on one particular bit.

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2010-12-27 11:03 pm


My Yuletide fics are the best present I got this year.

I like my new pig socks from Hayley (as I should, I picked them out) and my orange cardigan (a colour I've never worn much of, but it suits me alright) and black jumper from Mum and Dad, and my new slippers from Mum and Dad (they keep my toes much warmer than my old falling-apart ones, although cream's going to get very grubby, very quickly, and I always feel like backless slippers are going to fall off and trip me up on the stairs, so I often kick them off instead) and yay for the customary shower gel (although it can't be that much of a limited edition, seeing as they bought me the same the Christmas before last) and yay for £150 from Mum and Dad that means I can actually afford to travel back to uni.

I feel guilty about not being terribly enthused over notecards, from Beth, and the DVD boxset of Planet Earth, from George. (I want presents! And I want to want the presents! *stamps foot* Um, no.)

But Yuletide is awesome! I think it would be even better if I had a stable Internet connection, and could read and read, and comment, and rec, and do Yuletide madness. I have read only the fic written for me, and only managed to comment on two so far. Actually, that's partly the connection, and partly because I cannot seem to squish my love into a comment box. I also feel guilty because I have FOUR fics for Yuletide and I wrote just one.

Anonymous wrote me a TRILOGY in the Gallifrey audios for Yuletide.

1) Five Times Romanadvoratrelundar Missed the Signs, and One Time She Couldn't Possibly Ignore Them
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Romana II, Four, Braxiatel, Leela, Darkel, Pandora, Narvin, K-9 Mark II
Pairings: Four/Romana, Darkel/Romana, Brax/Romana, Pandora/Romana, Narvin/Romana, Leela/Romana.
Summary: "The most powerful woman in the known universe has a tendency to attract admirers. She would probably find this a distinct annoyance—if she could ever be bothered to notice."
Word count: 6525 words

2) Another Time
Rating: Mature
Characters: Romana, Braxiatel, Leela, Narvin, K-9 Mark I, K-9 Mark II
Pairings: Romana/Narvin
Summary: "Wherein everyone takes a break from threatening Narvin to save the universe—or possibly the other way around—and it is conclusively proven that Romana's childhood nickname was absurdly ill-chosen."
Word count: 4084 words

3) A Time For Every Purpose
Rating: Explicit
Characters: Romana, Narvin, Leela, Braxiatel, K-9 Mark II, Darkel
Pairings: Romana/Narvin, Andred/Leela
Summary: "Romana knows that relationships are always complicated—but being the President of Gallifrey, she thinks, gives her a far better appreciation of that fact than most people can ever imagine."
Word count: 28,163 words in four chapters

They are fabulous. I suspect I may be quite lonely in my Romana/Narvin shipping (apart from [ profile] basicare, who was the recipient of my post-reveal, pre-read text message, the gist of which was :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD, and now, apparently, Awesome Anonymous), but still. I think Awesome Anonymous makes it make sense. There are arguments, psychic explorations and hatesex, along with a surprising amount of happiness. They have everyone's voices just right, there are all the interactions I love so much (Narvin and Brax's animosity, Romana and Leela's care for each other, Leela and Narvin's snarky respect, Brax and Romana's friendship, Romana and Narvin still being deeply opposed on important issues), with a side, in the third one, of Gallifreyan politics and Darkelian scheming. They made me laugh much more than once, and I have been talking about them to everyone around me since Christmas Day. Although I should point out, prompted by another comment on the first fic, that it is intensely spoilery for series three of the audios, as are the others to a lesser degree.

And, for Yuletide Madness, someone wrote me Sabrina the Teenage Witch fic.

Sisterhood Uber Alles
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Hilda Spellman, Zelda Spellman, Salem Saberhagen
Pairings: None
Summary: "Hilda ruminates on times when she and Zelda have fought."
Word count: 694 words

It is lovely. I love them and their relationship as sisters, and this fic presents a few great glimpses of them throughout history, in wonderful Hilda voice.

So, yay for Yuletide! The amazingly awesome gifts make up about fifty times the frustrations of giving, such as the fact that my recipient was so late unlocking their Yuletide letter or the fact that they still haven't commented, and are not listed on the I'll-Be-Away post.
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2010-11-20 08:54 pm

For Yuletide, I would like...just about anything

Dear Yuletide writer,

It's my first time doing Yuletide, so I'm hope I'm doing this right. Maybe I should say more, maybe I should say different things, maybe I'm babbling incoherently. But this is all optional, anyway, and if you want to write something entirely different, please, go right ahead. I'm sure I'll be delighted anyway.

General stuff )
New Tricks )
Gallifrey )
Sabrina the Teenage Witch )
The Addams Family (1964) )

I hope you enjoy writing whatever! I'm certain I'll enjoy reading it. Thank you, a month in advance.
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2007-07-11 06:48 am

Sugar And Spice (And All Things Nice) PG-13 4256 words

Title: Sugar And Spice (And All Things Nice)
Word Count: 4256
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Martha/Romana
Summary: Spicy sweetness, Martha thought, and liked the sound of the words together.
Written for: [ profile] fandom_me in the [ profile] dw_femslash ficathon.
Notes: Set after S3, also has S4 and TW S2 casting spoilers.

Martha first met Romana on the Saturday late-night shift. )
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2007-06-23 09:38 pm

Do you hear that?

Well, I really don't have much to say about The Sound of Drums.

Spoilers, I suppose, although I discuss a couple of concepts from the episode rather than the episode itself )

I'm not sure whether to call this a review. I think not.

ETA: Looking through flist- woe is me, this must be 'fannish disconnect'. Hopefully I will appreciate it more on a second viewing minus family.
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2007-06-01 01:04 pm

dreams of fairytales and fantasies PG 1161 words

Title: dreams of fairytales and fantasies
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Martha, Susan, Romana, Leela, Ace.
Rating: PG
Notes: Written for the [ profile] fraternizing challenge. The prompt was "He felt that his whole life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it." Douglas Adams.
The title comes from the song "Sick and Tired" by Anastacia.
Thanks to [ profile] eyliena for beta-ing.
Spoilers for Gridlock and bits of Old Skool, mainly concerning those characters.

dreams of fairytales and fantasies )
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2007-05-16 08:51 pm

Frozen In Flux G 312 words

Title: Frozen In Flux
Characters: Barbara, Romana II
Rating: G
Summary: So many wrongs had been caused in the pursuit of ‘right’
Notes: A mention of Meglos, very vague spoilers for School Reunion. Unbetaed, but I'm not very good at accurately judging how much sense my stories make to others.

Read more )
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2006-10-22 12:30 am

(no subject)

As I seem to have fallen into the habit of keeping a record of my posts to various communities in my journal, here are my first wallpapers. Or at least the versions that I'm not ashamed to post.






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2006-10-20 04:32 pm

First attempts at wallpapers

This are my first attempts at graphics work of any kind. I have made several attempts to post these, hopefully this is correct. All text on the Ian/Barbara wallpapers are taken from the song Atlantic by Keane because I love the song. The text on the other wallpaper is taken from the poem For the Fallen by Laurence Binyon. Please give me suggestions on how to improve.


Ian/Barbara, 800x600

Ian/Barbara, 800x600