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On the subject of fic, Angela and I spent most of the day discussing a Leverage 16th century AU. See, in our Literary London module, we've started studying the criminal underworld of the late 1500s/early 1600s through contemporary pamphlets such as 'The Second Part of Coney-Catching' and 'The Defence of Coney-Catching'. They're amazing. They both relate lots of fascinating little tales.

'The Second Part''s stories are all about crimes these thieves, vagabonds, coney-catchers have carried out. My favourite was the one where this 'hooker' is trying to hook things out of this room through an open window and getting really frustrated because, unbeknownst to him, the porter is standing in the room, simply lifting anything that gets caught off the hook.

'The Defence' was amusing generally. It was purportedly written by a coney-catcher who was really annoyed that R.G was publishing pamphlets like 'The Second Part' (and the first part, and more besides) and telling all their secrets because everyone he tried to con just went 'I've read the book! You can't fool me.' It related tales of legally fine, morally rotten ripping off, complaining that their acts were much greater than anything he or his ilk did. Ready made 16th century Leverage plots!

We decided that Nate would probably be a 'upright-man' (previously a servant, skilled), Sophie a 'bawdy-basket' (comes to a house with stuff to sell and nicks other stuff), Eliot a 'ruffler' (a returned soldier too proud to beg) and Parker a Dell (young woman...curse non-specific definitions), so skilled in the Blacke Art (lockpicking) that she always plays the part of the Charme (lockpicker).

Hardison gave us some trouble. Four hours after the Literary London seminar ended, and two minutes after I had seen her last, Angela rushed out of her class to tell me (still waiting to go in to my lecture) that he could be a forger. It was okay, because the teacher wasn't there yet ;).

Last week, it was the Leverage team attempt to steal from Brax's collection. This week, 16th century AU. We do enjoy the module and pay attention during the seminar, honest.
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Still no Internet, so here I am in the uni library. [ profile] biichan suggested I post my entry to the Big Finish Short Trips competition so it can be linked on the Big Finish Slushpile Masterpost, so here it is.

Title: Anachronisms
Characters/Pairings: One, Ian, Barbara
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1764
Summary: Time travellers aren't all that is out of place in England, 1848.
Notes: Written for the Big Finish Short Trips competition and, not having won, now posted here. Many thanks to [ profile] purple_bug and [ profile] biichan for their help.

Anachronisms )
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Let's make a TARDIS wave throughout LJ.
When you see this entry, post a picture of the show to your own journal, if you like.

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Title: Limited Perception
Characters: Ian, Barbara, the Rani
Rating: PG
Word count: 510
Summary: Humans have only five senses.

Limited Perception )
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Title: Just Passing Through
Characters: Ian, Barbara
Rating: PG
Word count: 540
Summary: I will lead you back.
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] purple_bug for betaing!

Just Passing Through )
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Title: Fall Forever
Characters: Ian, Barbara
Rating: G
Word count: 347
Summary: Ian wonders where it began.
Notes: Written for [ profile] tigerkat24, because I gave her an IOU for [ profile] fandom_stocking. Many thanks to [ profile] purple_bug for betaing.

Fall Forever )
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Finished watching The Chase with Anjilah yesterday. (Today, she declared that she missed Ian and Barbara, despite not having started The Time Meddler yet.) This is where the watching Who in order should get very interesting. I absolutely love the first two seasons, of course, but I'd seen all the stories, I was familiar with the characters, I knew their arcs. Now, unknown territory! Yay!

Also, I would like to note that I kinda loved The Web Planet. )

So, in conclusion, there has been a re-evaluation, an about-face; I now really like The Web Planet and that is great. I am glad to own the DVD, even if I did idiotically buy it just a day or so before VAT decreased from 17.5% to 15%.

I have 13 emails marked as unread in my inbox to remind me to reply to comments. I have nothing tomorrow, whoops, today so should do that later.
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Title: Leaving Footprints
Characters: Ian, Barbara
Rating: G
Word count: 491
Summary: History is so many small steps.
Notes: Written for [ profile] livii for [ profile] fandom_stocking. Many thanks to [ profile] purple_bug for betaing.

Leaving Footprints )
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The TV show, that is, not the character, because that's not his name.

45 today! *huggles the show, everyone involved in making it, everyone who makes fandom more than worth the wank (that's all of you)*

Jen was very surprised that I got a question wrong on a Doctor Who quiz on Facebook. I didn't, the answer was wrong. No, really, it was. Or was it the forty-fifth anniversary of An Unearthly Child back in August and it's like Christmas, our counting's out and has been for ages?

I'm not celebrating, although I would very much like to, because I have eight weeks of reading diary to write, due in at noon two pm tomorrow. It's only PASS/FAIL, not graded, so aiming for the minimum of six, five to go.

As a distraction, short picspam of original Team TARDIS group shots )

Okay, that's far too much procrastination
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] malaleen!

Latest *headdesk* moment, a review on a fic (not mine) on there is no way that Ian, Barbara or Rose could know who Susan was, because the Doctor left her in the 22nd century to marry David Campbell. Unless she somehow managed to travel back in time...
Again: there is no way that Ian, Barbara or Rose could know who Susan was
So either they're so unaware of that era that I am astounded they know of the existence of Ian and Barbara or...they actually mean that Susan was left behind in what is now a negated timeline, (insert more retcon-ny, Time War-y handwaves here) thus wiping her existence from history and Ian and Barbara's memories (and leaving serious gaps: we were curious about..., we followed..., we, no, sorry, I have no idea why any of that happened). Yep, I'll just go with that!

Also, I will post an in-depth and thoughtful analysis of Ian's characterisation (WTFwhoisthis?) in Byzantiumrandomexclamationmark as soon as I stop laughing long enough to actually carry on rereading. CharactercalledIan, the correct response to someone in control stepping on your hand with all their weight, deliberately, is not to cry 'Stop it, you big bully!' That just conjures up an irresistible image of a petulant kid with a pout and is, frankly, hilarious. Or is that just me?

In Other Fandom news (by which I mean, something actually not DW, *gaspshockhorror*):
Thanks entirely to Jen, I am slightly readdicted to Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, which I absolutely loved when I was 14 even if I could only catch occasional out-of-order episodes on Nick.
The fandom is small and seems to have had his heyday eight years ago (when it was actually on the telly and still good), most of the fic I can find is not very good and Zelda Spellman is apparently Fandom's Punching Bag.
Seriously, out of the 171 stories that have ever been posted to, dating back to 1999, twenty-three feature her being (in order of frequency) mortally injured/ attacked/ sick/ heartbroken/ abducted by aliens/ accused of murder and imprisoned/ punished by being assigned a plant that wants to eat her/ turned into a toad, etc. And most of the others don't feature her.
The most entertainment from those stories is comparing the different mortal injuries: car crash, 'The Aneurysm Story' (no joke), eating a poisoned apple, wrists slashed open (Lucy, really, if you want to kill someone with a razor, then go for the throat. Kudos for vertical, but really, the throat), slipping on an icy patch, breaking her hand and then being buried in a snowdrift for a few hours etc. Oh, the melodrama!
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Title: Fade and Flower
Characters: Susan, the First Doctor, David, Barbara, Ian
Rating: G
Summary: “To live in this world, you must be able to do three things: to love what is mortal; to hold it against your bones knowing your own life depends on it; and, when the time comes to let it go, to let it go” - Mary Oliver.
Word count: 2285
Notes: For the Susan ficathon at [ profile] unearthy_child for [ profile] dynapink. Thanks are due to [ profile] cpemslie, [ profile] purple_bug and [ profile] strangledduck for the helpful help!

Fade and Flower )
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Title: Photocopy
Characters: Ian, Barbara, the First Doctor
Rating: PG
Summary: A smudge of ink and the story changes
Word count: 1139
Notes: This is based upon events in the PDA 'The Time Travellers' and therefore is spoilery for those events. For anyone who hasn't read the book and doesn't mind being spoiled, a couple of lines of context are below the cut so hopefully it will make some kind of sense. Many, many thanks to [ profile] livii and [ profile] purple_bug for all their help!

Photocopy )
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Title: Starlight
Characters: Ian, Barbara
Rating: G
Summary: Stargazing by starlight.
Word count: 120
Notes: Short and hopefully sweet. Posted for Day o'Classic.

Starlight )
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Title: The Journey Itself (Is Home)
Characters: Ian, Barbara
Rating: PG
Summary: It's the journey of a lifetime.
Word count: 1524
Notes: Written for [ profile] eponymous_rose in [ profile] the_chestertons ficathon who wanted 'something a little wistful'. Many thanks to [ profile] purple_bug for beta-reading and reassurance.

The Journey Itself (Is Home) )
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I'm working at the library. I found a copy of 'Doctor Who: The Legend- 40 years of time travel' by Justin Richards and started flicking through it in my break. I got as far as extracts from the original format documents.

The thing that rather amused me was 'There is no question of a developing love story between [Barbara] and Ian'. Now, either that changed dramatically or it's quite possibly the biggest failure of Doctor Who to communicate intent ever.

Also that Susan and Barbara are jealous of each other over Ian, who is oblivious.

Would type the extracts up in full, but have no time.
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*falls about laughing* Best advert for Doctor Who ever?

And that last clip just fits in so well with what I was thinking!

Yes, yes, *grumble* *goes back to coursework*
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Title: Six Ways Barbara and/or Ian Might Have Died and One Way They Never Did
Characters: Barbara, Ian, the Doctor
Rating: PG
Summary: Across the timelines, fates diverge. What could have been might be, somewhere.
Word count: 1333
Notes: Many thanks to [ profile] livii for the beta and [ profile] purple_bug for reading through after I fiddled with it.

EDIT 28/11/07 04:50 am: Added in the missing section after [ profile] karma_kalisutah pointed it out. *headlaptop*

Splinter, Stealth, Shadow, Soundless, Stranded, Sacrifice, Survivors )
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Title: Unhappy The Land
Characters: Ian, Barbara
Rating: PG
Summary: "Unhappy the land that has no heroes! No, unhappy the land that needs heroes." Bertolt Brecht
Notes: Spoilers for The Sound of Drums, but not The Last of the Time Lords, because I haven't seen that yet and this is almost certainly completely AU now.
Blame my parents, because they watched Life On Mars from the On Demand service rather than letting me watch Doctor Who.

Unhappy The Land )
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Title: Betrayal
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton
Prompt: 081 How?
Word Count: 298
Rating: PG
Summary: How dare they?
Author's Notes: Spoilers for The Keys of Marinus.

Betrayal )

Title: Once upon a time
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: Barbara Wright, Ian Chesterton
Prompt: 083 And
Word Count: 233
Rating: G
Summary: It isn't a fairytale beginning, but everything begins sometime.

Once upon a time )
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