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Yuletide time!

Dear Yuletide writer,

I love you for agreeing to write in one of these fandoms. If the fic you write contains any of the following, I shall be very, very happy. But these are all fandoms where I love everything and everyone, and this is all optional, so if you want to write something entirely different, please, go right ahead. I'm sure I'll be delighted anyway.

I love friendships, family relationships, gen, femslash, het and OT3s. I'm less interested in slash, but I still enjoy it. Crossovers are good, as is any rating you want to write. I love awesome characters being awesome, strong female characters, references/injokes, snark/banter and things that deal or play with the idea of communication. I love humour, and angst, and humour and angst. I love happy endings, and I love it when things are too complex to be neat. I love plot and character study and vignettes. I love fics that feel like part of canon, and I love AUs. I love all the characters in the fandoms I've requested, so no character bashing, please. I'm also not a fan of incest, mpreg, non-con and insta-marriage, because I think relationships need time to grow, no matter how many years have been spent pining. I hope this list doesn't seem too restrictive, because that's the opposite to what I'm going for. Other than that, I'm good, and please feel free to write whatever comes comfortably to you!

Gallifrey (Any)
This fandom. This fandom. *flails* That's my general level of coherence when I start thinking about how much I love these stories and these characters and their relationships, seen shippily or not, at any point in the series. I love them altogether, and I love any individual relationships you might choose to focus on. Romana/Narvin is always entirely wonderful, whether there's vicious arguments and snark or devotion and snark. Romana/Leela breaks, makes, and breaks my heart over and over again, through giggly throwing chairs through windows and fierce independence and defiance and handholding. Leela and Narvin are always excellent, particularly during series three and four, so are Narvin and Brax, and, well, I will love any and all permutations of the four main characters and their various alternate universe selves that you might choose to write, up to and including *counts*, er, OT9, I think (counting only the living). I will also flail over any and all other characters you might choose to include or focus on. 'Torvald' at the CIA? Hallan's centuries on escort duty? Darkel's various secret evil plots? The original Pandora? Arkadian's crooked trans-temporal deals? Yes, please. Snarky humour, plotty politics, twisted complex angst: anything, anyone, anyway, anywhere, anywhen.

New Tricks (Any)
This is another fandom where I just flail. I love the team together, and their wonderful crime-fighting friendships, so a team fic (with Esther) would be just great, whether they're just spending time together or working on a case, but I love all this show. If you want to focus on one or two of them, if you want to write about other characters (from their families to a supporting character from one particular episode), please do. I kind of ship Sandra/Gerry, so I'd be happy if you were that way inclined but gen would also be fantastic. Canon, pre-canon, future!fic, set next year or ten years from now. This show needs more fic and my keyword in the post is 'anything'. (Well, that, and 'love'.)

Star Trek DS9 (Kira, Odo)
I've listed them both, because they're my favourite characters and I'd like something focused on them, but I don't necessarily need them both. It's a case of and/or, and other characters are absolutely, entirely and definitely okay. My vocabulary seems worryingly limited, but really, I'll love anything, any genre, any setting, any rating. Kira in the Resistance with Lupaza or Odo at the Bajoran research centre learning the Cardassian neck trick? Kira, her faith, and her relationships with her Emissary and her Kai? Kira and Ziyal? A day in the life of the Security Chief, with lots of Quark-being-foiled? When exactly did Odo meet practically Quark's entire family (as discussed at the end of Civil Defense)? (Odo and Quark make me flail pretty much every episode.) Kira and the O'Briens? Odo and Garak? Post-series fic (though I haven't read any of the relaunch novels)? I ship Kira/Dax, Odo/Lwaxana and Odo/Kira both as ships and as awesome friendships. This are all just suggestions; please write whatever comes to you!

I hope you enjoy writing whatever! I'm certain I'll enjoy reading it. Thank you, a month in advance.