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So that was quite fantastic.

How relieved am I that Amy's baby is Rory's? Very. 'He looks young, but he's lived for hundreds of years...this man is your father' (Oh God no) 'They call him The Last Centurion'. (YES!)

Rory, you are awesome (and rocking the Roman look again). Doctor, you are scary. (Also Rory). They were undeniably effective pre-emptive persuasion techniques. Do not touch his loved ones. Do not stand between him and his loved ones. Do not be in the near vicinity of him looking for his loved ones.

I like the cameos. Whether species or character. We are not supposed to recognise these individuals, right? The idea of a Sontaran being a nurse as a punishment makes absolute sense and I loved all his polite 'One day, I hope to destroy you!' 'I'm old, and fat, and blue!' :D Also, yay for Victorian detective interspecies lesbian romance. (MAKE THERE BE FIC!) I suspect that tongue could do marvellous things. (That was totally the implication, coming straight after 'I don't know why you put up with me?', yes? Or am I just dirty-minded? Or both?)

'I'm breaking in, not out!' River does treat prison as a hotel, and it is marvellous. As is the idea of ice-skating on the River Thames. Eleven would be all limbs and mock wounded pride. Also, I really hope we get to see the birthday with two Doctors. Until then, there should be much fanfic.

'Fight, not praise.' But really, you can't help it, can you? Yay for Gay Married Anglican Clerics. Less yay for promptly killing one of them. And there was no follow up on this. (A hell of a lot happened in forty five minutes.)

SURPRISE!DOCTOR! 'Point a gun at me if it'll help you relax.' :D

What did happen to Madame Kovarian? She goes to escape with baby Melody, and Captain Bonneville has taken over her ship (I like the cameos, even if there is no point to them). But somehow she gets far away?

AMY/RORY. There is not enough love in the universe. He was going to be cool!

We are not fools. But he's two steps ahead. Colonel Runaway. I do feel a bit sorry for him. Were those the Space Spitfires, and if so, how did they get into the 51st century or so? (It was about the 51st century the Clerics in the Angels story last series came from, wasn't it?)

I really did like Lorna. The idea of someone who met the Doctor once, just once, one of the people caught up and left behind, changed, is a powerful one. She is a one-off character, and we're meeting her twenty years or so after the adventure. She's built her life around the hope of seeing him again, which is actually terribly sad. Who might she have been otherwise? I suspect we might meet little!Lorna later.

So, these particular Gangers are not people too? I mean, not a separate, independent being? I suppose that makes it a bit better. That bit where Melody melted was horrifying, even without her being important, even without everyone out there fighting to keep her safe. One minute your child is there, the next, gone.

The monks' attack prayer is sufficiently scary. That was very foolish, Dorian. Where did the monks go anyway? Were they all killed?

Is this the first sympathetic Sontaran ever? I mean, he was still a Sontaran. He was also awesome and I am actually sad he died.

Melody Pond = River Song. I really should have got that one straight away. I mean, the reveal itself wasn't particularly surprising (although I did have a moment of suspecting she was actually his mother because it was his crib and going 'Oh no, she can't be. This is still supposed to be a family show, isn't it? BBC? But she wasn't, so phew) as people have been speculating that River is the little girl who is Amy and Rory's daughter with Special Vortex Time Lord-ness all season. Also, back before series 5, I did read someone suggesting that Amy was River's daughter, because of the Pond-River thing. Well done, someone! You were almost right. If this was Mastermind, you'd get three white pegs (Amy, River, daughter) and one black (wrong way round). Though that is a bit important.

...Amy/River was so pretty, though.

When exactly did the Doctor have time to engrave Melody/River's name on the crib in Gallifreyan?

So, what actually is the problem with River's identity? It has always been this Deep Dark Secret. 'You're going to find out very soon. And I'm sorry.' And the Doctor seems nothing less than delighted. I kissed my best friends' daughter! :D

So, next half-series, we get the fall. A skeletal hand clutching the sonic screwdriver, which blinks out. Time runs out. Somewhat offset by 'Let's Kill Hitler'. Seriously? Okay, Alex told me days ago, but it was different seeing it up on the screen. Possibly this is creating false expectations, because that's such a parodic (is that a word?) title I will expecting wacky hijinks.
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