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Hmm, I am failing at opinions.

Hugh Bonneville was great; I loved him and the Doctor together, comparing ships.

I thought the siren getting through in a single drop of water didn't make sense, because surely they all had wet feet, so Actually, forget everything I said, it's reflections, meant I was not irritated by that.

I love Eleven and Amy and Rory madly, as usual.

Mysterious eyepatch woman is mysterious. I did have a mad idea that Amy's in a virtual reality. I have no evidence for or conviction of this; it's just the first thought that popped into my head.

I missed why Eleven jumped from 'Killing us all!' to 'It's intelligent, we can reason with it, let's get caught' and why a virtual doctor would have an evil red mode, but hey, it was fun.

The two ships, dead crew thing reminded me of The Stones of Blood, but the siren turned out not to be an escaped criminal.

I did say "Oh no, have you killed Rory again?" But they hadn't, so that was good.

And then there were space pirates! (Of course, these pirates are actually quite cuddly and are not at all about to start mugging passing spaceships or raiding planets. Also, mutiny is forgotten in the wonder of space.) It was fun; I'm not picking holes.

So excited for next week, I watched the trailer about ten times (yay for still having Sky+!). I'm totally unspoilered, so it took me by surprise, and I don't actually believe my own speculation.

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